Platinum Play Casino is an online casino that has mainly made a name for itself by its international character, the large amount of bonuses a great service, the security and of course the quality of its games. These five points will all be explained in this article.

The international character

The casino does not specifically target one country. Why would they? Anyone in almost every country can use it online. The website is well adapted to that. The website is available in no less than 8 different languages. This makes playing with and against players of different nationalities more the rule than the exception. In addition, this international character is also reflected in the service. More about this later!

Large amount of bonuses

This casino is perhaps best known for the bonuses you receive. Whether you’re playing roulette, want to have some fun on a slot machine or make some big wins with a few games of blackjack, there’s always a bonus available for a good start. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you’re depositing money for the first time, the second time or maybe the third time. The bonus offer here is always high compared to other well known casinos.

The great service

What makes this casino so special is the good service. The international character of this casino provides perhaps the best customer service in the world of online casinos. Using multiple phone numbers (even one for the Netherlands) they offer an option to call at no extra cost. In addition to this option, the casino also offers the option to contact you using Whatsapp, iMessage, Skype or email.

Play safely Platinum

Play Casino uses Microgaming software. This is a well-known software developer that has been providing online casinos with games for years. Microgaming was also involved in the creation of the eCOGRA (e-commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Insurance). With this regulation an attempt was made to make the online gambling industry less doubtful. All “Microgaming Casinos” have all been checked for “Fair Play”. Players at Platinum Play Casino can therefore count on a safe gaming and payment environment.

The variety of games Platinum

  • Play Casino may not be the largest online casino with the largest range of games on offer.
  • Surely it is one that is worth a visit.
  • So the offer is a bit smaller compared to the biggest and best known online casinos.
  • This is mainly due to the fact that the focus is more on the special games and the table games.
  • These two are definitely recommended on this website. Besides the table games and various specialty games,
  • Platinum Play Casino offers the possibility to play slot machines (with the necessary “progressives”), video poker, scratch cards and a number of so-called “casual games”.
  • In short, a wide variety in a relatively small, but very good, casino. The great thing is that you have the choice whether you want to play the games directly from the website or download the software for your computer.


In short, Platinum Play Casino is a good casino that may soon be among the real top. The variety of games is already great, but this can be expanded a bit more in the future. Luckily, this online casino has good customer service and nice bonuses to more than make up for this. When the website of Platinum Play Casino will become available in English is not yet known.

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